The answer is still, and again, love.

There isn’t anything that cannot be won over love. This is what drives me every day to be the best I can be. Even when I feel beaten down and am exhausted and face tremendous, heart-breaking opposition, I release it all and surrender into love, forgiveness, compassion and TRUST that it is all happening ‘for me’, NOT ‘to me’. I trust that my greatest pain will bring me my greatest joy.

Don’t you ever have days that you feel that it can’t get any worse and that people and seemingly, the world is against you? When I muster all of my strength and try my best to put that smile on my face and look at my opposition with forgiveness and compassion – this is the time that transformation happens.


and yes, LOVE is still the answer. <3


hanna says:

I find your comments a little out there, all your talking seems to be quotations, it can get annoying-would be nice to hear what YOU have to say instead of what everyone else says.

Kelly Childs says:

Thank you Hanna. It’s nice to know people are reading these. Simply put, people are in such a rush nowadays, we find that they only have attention spans for short snippets to get them through their day. We’d love to write more and we THANK YOU very much for this insight into what you want to read. Thank you!!
Bear with us while we put out more post and develop our site further. My greatest joy would be to write longer, more detailed posts and I am all for it!
BTW. These are not quotes from others. They really are from our hearts.
Stay tuned for more love. xo

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