How to Host a Party in a Small Space

Entertaining is a big part of any holiday season.

When thinking of the best place to host a dinner or a party, people automatically assume that bigger is better. But, living in a small space doesn’t mean you can’t have people over. If you know how to go about it, even a place as small as mine (at 900 square feet) can still be a great place to host a party!

The Cleaner the Better

When you’re having people over a messy house is never a good thing. But, when your space is small, a mess can make even more of an impact. If you’re planning on inviting a lot of people into your space, clean up even more than usual. Store whatever you can out of the way so that there will be more floor space open, and take any unnecessary decor out of the main room. Not only will this create more space for people to be, but will make your place look a lot bigger and more welcoming.

Create Stations

When you’re planning an event, you need to think about where people will be spending their time in your space. Think about where they will sit, where they will eat, and create stations for everything they will need to do. Create one station where they will leave their coats, another where they will grab their food, and another where they can get their drinks. By designating certain areas and their purposes it’s easier for people to make their way through your space and know where they should be. It also means people won’t be stumbling around or reaching over each other. If you do this right, people won’t notice that your space is too tight for this many people, and they’ll enjoy the party instead!

Keep a Simple Menu

The best way to keep the flow moving throughout your space and make it easy for people to have fun and get something to eat is to keep things simple. A buffet type meal is easiest for a small space so that you can lay things out and let your guests eat, sit, and mingle as they like. Choose foods that will also be easy for them to eat. You don’t want to serve something that needs to be cut with a fork and knife while someone balances their plate on their lap, and you don’t want to serve anything that can easily become messy.

Consider Seating

No one likes going to a party and having to stand the entire time. People get tired, and seating should be a top priority. No one is looking for a long fancy table with matching chairs, all you need is enough surfaces for your guests to perch on. If you live in a small space you likely only have a few kitchen chairs, maybe a desk chair rolling around, but you can find more. Couches, stools, fold up chairs, bring out whatever you can find. If you need to, you can even ask someone to bring some more over. Comfort is much more important than things looking great, and sitting down makes people comfortable.

Air Out Your Space

With a bunch of people in a small space, it’s likely to get hot and a little stuffy. Make sure you open the windows, even just a little, to make sure fresh air is circulating throughout the party. Get some candles, essential oils, or even just a plugin air freshener to make sure that your space smells great. People won’t notice these extra little touches, but they will notice if your space starts feeling stuffy.

This isn’t Pinterest

Last, but not least, remember that Pinterest is not real life. You can pin as many gorgeous pictures as you’d like in preparation for the party, but when it comes time for the real event, things aren’t going to go perfectly. People aren’t coming to check that things match and look beautiful, they are coming to spend time with you. They won’t remember if all your cutlery and table settings are perfectly colour coordinated, but they will remember if they have a great night with family and friends. Instead of worrying about all the details, take time to enjoy the party as well! You deserve it.

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