The Sunshine Vitamin – Vitamin D

We are now in the dreary and cold days of winter.

In response to UV rays from the sun, our skin manufactures vitamin D. But, here in Canada we live far enough North that the sun is not close enough to cause this reaction during the winter months. There is no disputing the fact that we need sunshine to boost our immune systems and our moods and happiness, right? So how do we pay attention to this vital vitamin that the majority of us are deficient in?

There are so many reasons we need to keep our vitamin D levels in check. I do this religiously two times per year, with a blood test by my naturopath. If my vitamin D levels are low, I add more Vitamin D3 to my daily supplement routine (I take around 5000iu per day). I want to ensure my body has an effective immune system.

Vitamin D is vital. Without adequate levels of Vitamin D, our bodies have a very difficult time protecting us from autoimmune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis, MS, Type 1 Juvenile diabetes, lupus, colorectal cancer, coronary heart disease (CHD), fibromyalgia, and so many more. Vitamin D is proven to reduce the chances of developing auto-immune diseases and also helps heal our bodies once we’ve been diagnosed with an auto-immune disease.

Vitamin D is also fat soluble meaning we need a healthy gut that can absorb dietary fat in order to properly break down and absorb it. There are many reasons why we don’t get our Vitamin D and many things that can hamper our absorption of it:

  • Living in a densely populated city amongst tall buildings
  • Using toxic sunscreens that block the sun’s UV rays and reduce our ability to absorb Vitamin D
  • Having an unhealthy leaky gut because of infection, stress, or inflammatory foods such as gluten and white sugar.

Your ability to absorb vital nutrients can be radically compromised by an unhealthy digestive tract.

The image below shows our inability to absorb Vitamin D in the winter months. We are in the dark blue range in the ‘invisible‘ north above the U.S border. The sun’s UV rays do not reach us in Ontario, Canada, from November to March. Unless we are Baywatch lifeguards, chances are most of us are Vitamin D deficient, and living in the Northern latitudes doesn’t help.

Vitamin D map

It’s still bad in February….

map of vitamin D

We are not nocturnal beings. We need sunlight to survive and thrive and one of the greatest voids in our life is the sun and it’s capacity to gift us Vitamin D. The sun is not our enemy. It breathes life into us, it breathes life into our food, and it creates energy for our beautiful planet. Without it, we would die.

Lately, I have seen such aversion to the sun, and for some reason, we treat the sun as though it is taboo. We have doctors and dermatologists telling us that we need to stay out of the sun and protect our skin with toxic sunscreen to avoid sunburns and melanoma. AGREED to the sunburns and melanoma!! Who wants sunburns or malignant melanoma? What we do need to do however is allow the heathy rays to give us our priceless healthy exposure and create Vitamin D when the sun kisses our skin. We need moderate sun exposure. Watch my video.

I have read stories and seen for myself the change in numerous people who have been saved from chronic illnesses by increasing their Vitamin D levels through sun therapy. Haven’t you ever felt more energized when you get to sit in the sun for a few minutes? Or when you travel down south, all of a sudden you have boundless energy and you want to do everything and anything you can get your hands on? Our moods become uplifted and we suddenly feel more vibrant and alive. Trust me, you are not imagining anything. You are vibrating at a whole new level of sun energy and health flowing through your veins because of the vitamin D.

Here are some things you can do to help increase your vitamin D levels:

  1. No toxic sunscreen! Find natural products only. (If it’s safe to eat, it’s safe for your skin)
  2. Eat well and take Vitamin D3 in the winter – I do 5000iu a day.
  3. Go to your doctor or naturopath and ask for a Vitamin D blood test.
  4. Get outside and enjoy the outdoors!
  5. Travel to a warmer climate in the winter season – even for a couple of days to get some Vitamin D.
  6. We need the sun’s healthy UV rays for 10 minutes a day! In the spring, summer, fall and winter.
  7. Consider a tanning salon (in the winter) with a great reputation for UVB health (don’t worry about the ‘tanning’ and go for 5 minutes every one-two weeks).
  8. Drink carrot juice before you go out in the sun in the summer. It helps to act as a natural sunscreen with the concentrated beta-carotene.
  9. Take Vitamin K2 every day to make sure the Vitamin D ends up where it should (like in our bones).

Go ahead! Love your life!!!

This site is reflective of my lifestyle with Erinn. We are not doctors, we are simply sharing how we live and love our life every day.


Laura Fuciarelli says:

Love your posts ..i find them very helpful & uplifting..good for you girls. Loving your life & sharing what you do..
Now so u take 5000iu/day ..all at once or should u break it up? son & i are celiac & vit d deficient & have been taking 3000iu at breakfast…is that ok?

Kelly Childs says:

Hi Laura, a rule of thumb is 1000iu per 25lbs of body weight. Your son should take less than you. Please check with a naturopath. Having celiac disease, Vitamin D will certainly help this auto-immune disorder. Be sure you eat well to heal any damage it has caused along the way. Lots of veggies and green smoothies. I would limit my dairy, cookies/breads, flour and sugar intake too. Keep it natural with veggies and fruit in green smoothies. No junk 🙂

Peggy says:

I have to tell you, I rarely find inspiration like I have from you girls; you are the real-deal! Authentic and loving, its easy to see why you are so successful and have such a magical relationship between you. Not many women have this bond with their daughters and I would love to know more how you do it. I could use a little help.
Your website is my go-to now- for inspiration, for a giggle, for a remedy and to find my love within. YAY!

Kelly Childs says:

Thank you Peggy….I’d love to help. Stayed tuned for more posts as I get asked this all the time. I’ll be posting over on and there is some posts that already cover that over there. I’m very fortunate to have such a grounded daughter that chose me to be her mom.

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