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The gift of  YOU to others is the most magical thing you could do at Valentine’s day.

I have a few full days this week of sprinkling some fairy dust on others, and the rewards for me are endless. How do we make sure others know they are loved and cared for and that they matter?

For me, Valentine’s Day can be a lot of hype and we lose sight of what I think the message should be.

The WORLD needs more love.

Kelly and Erinn valentines day

Here are some ideas to give you that deep, heartfelt feeling we are all looking for.

  1. Read a book to someone who can’t.
  2. Get your kids to make ‘homemade’ cards for grandma and grandpa (they’re the best!)
  3. Spend some time with that aunt you never see.
  4. Drop off a cupcake to a lonely neighbour.
  5. Stop at the local senior residence and drop off 25 Valentines signed by you to let these beautiful people know they are not forgotten and we are grateful for them.
  6. If you play the piano, a local senior home would LOVE some live music as they are cut off from outside entertainment for the most part. Why not play for an hour or two this week at a one of these residences?
  7. Pay it forward (buy a cookie or a latte for that person behind you in line).
  8. Share a beaming, sincere smile.
  9. Have a movie night at home on Valentine’s with popcorn, red wine and raw cacao chocolate and a romance movie (of course)  – try Midnight in Paris, Love Actually, or Crazy, Stupid Love (do you have any other ideas?)
  10. Give FIVE people 5 minutes of your presence on the 14th (practice mindfulness)
  11. HUG your staff.
  12. HUG your friends.
  13. HUG your significant other and let them know how special they are to you. They CHOSE you and isn’t that something to be grateful for! Spend some time in gratitude and turn off any distractions that could separate you from being in the moment with that person who cares for you more than any other.

Here are some other fun things I have done in the past in no particular order:

  • I’ve been known to secretly buy a tub of healthy ice cream at the local grocery store for a mom and child walking around the store shopping. I pay for it when I’m checking out and I know they will be checking out soon. When they do, the cashier will hand the little child their special bag with ice cream in it. Simple random acts of anonymous kindness serve me well.
  • I buy $10 and $25 gift cards and place them into homeless people’s pockets and make sure they get fed (I always have a stash in my car or in my purse).
  • I have bought ski jackets on cold days to give away when I have seen people begging for money/food and warmth at a intersection/stop light (note: I ALWAYS stop and share money, food or clothes ). I wonder what so many are afraid of when they don’t stop.
  • We have a secret gratitude jar at home and we leave love notes in the jar to be read on Valentine’s Day. This is an incredible idea for work too.

This Tuesday, I’m heading to the local mission to drop off 26 Valentines and cupcakes to the kids there. I know it’s not a lot but these are moments of joy for me that I won’t forget. This is the gift I give myself on Valentine’s Day.

(If any of you have some great romance movies to watch, I’m all ears. I am not a big movie goer and I’m not that great with movie ideas.)

Happy LOVE Day!



Hannah says:

What lovely ideas, you are a very kind person

Kelly Childs says:

Thank you so much Hannah. 🙂

Margaret says:

Love this Miss Kelly 🙂

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