The Idea of Mothering On Mother’s Day

I’ve had this gnawing in me this week…to be able to shed some of my feelings on the commercialized, Hallmark day called, Mother’s Day. I tend to like what they call it in the UK: Happy Mothering Day.

If you are a mother, not yet a mother, chose not to be a mother or maybe, will never be a mother, maybe you’re a stepmother, a foster mother, an aunt, a big sister or a little sister, a grandmother, a great grandmother, school teacher, or even a mom to your BFF’s kids (or maybe you’re a dad or a stepdad, having to be a mother). Mothers come in all goddess forms and trust me, it takes a village to ‘build a child’ and to make our world what it is.

I’ve met many women that have never had the desire to be a mother and yet give of themselves to their friend’s children or their nieces or nephews, sisters, brothers, or students and more and sometimes better than a ‘parent’ ever could (Just a note: what’s great about this arrangement is that sometimes these ‘non-biological moms’ also reap the profound benefit of going home and leaving the chaos behind) :).

Women are all different and not made the same way and we all have varied, inherent goals and desires and passions that are so uniquely special and diverse and with love, this is what makes our lives on our planet so beautiful. Look at Mother Theresa.

The role of a woman is to inspire her tribe to be the best they can be. To build the village, to show how to give back to our Mother Earth and to empower them, to mother, to inspire and to love. Her role is to provide her tribe with all with the love and nurturing (mothering) necessary to build their resilience in the world. To wipe the tears away, to help her tribe when they are lost, to give them hugs and a gentle reminder that they can do it, to listen to their stories and love them no matter what.

Innately, as mothering moms, we inspire, we push, we praise, we love, we nurture, we hug, we cry, we kiss foreheads, we wipe the tears off of cheeks and clean the cut knees and send us off again to be the people we need to become. We mother. We provide the death-defying devotion to show our tribe how tough life can get but through revealing the depth of our pain and honesty and integrity and commitment to being the strength we need to be, we give our offspring the power to do the same.

We are a powerful bunch, us women are! And with the connection to our “Mother Earth” (grounding) source power and our divine feminine and by grinding our feet deeper into our convictions, do we become all we need to be for the world to see…..and beTo bravely say ‘YES’ to what matters and ignore the rest, is what is needed for our souls. 

As I was once told, “don’t spend more than FIVE minutes on something that won’t matter in 5 years time”, is so true.

‘Mothers’ are the ones chosen to ‘mother’ us and be our beacon of light and to help shine it on our path – to instil within us, our strength and tenacity and to help us become all that we are destined to be.

Today it is “Happy Mothering Day”. Let’s be grateful for our tribes.


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