Essential Oils for Your Health

Essential oils are a natural solution to many everyday health problems.

From headaches to skin conditions, each essential oil has its benefits and can be used for a wide variety of issues. As more people today try to stray away from traditional medicinal ingredients, alternative methods like essential oils are becoming more and more popular. We love essential oils and use ALL THE TIME, so we’ve made this list of some of our favourites to help you dive into the possibilities of essential oils.

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Jasmine Oil

Jasmine oil is extracted from the white flowers of jasmine plants and has a strong scent that most people are likely familiar with. It is one of the most expensive oils on the planet due to the process of extracting the oil from the blossoms. It’s an important ingredient in a number of famous perfumes and scents, but it also has some very beneficial health uses. Jasmine is a powerful aphrodisiac and also contains anti inflammatory ingredients.

Jasmine oil can help treat dry skin and eczema and it also has antiviral properties so that it can help prevent infection when applied to wounds. Most commonly, Jasmine oil is known to help calm the mind and induce optimism, so it is regularly used during yoga and other meditative practices.

Frankincense Oil

Frankincense has many health uses as an essential oil. Frankincense is extracted from the sap of Boswellia trees and is traditionally burned as incense. Frankincense has been used for religious purposes for thousands of years, and is a popular ingredient in cosmetics.

Frankincense is known for its comforting properties, and is often used to visualize and improve one’s spiritual connection, and to relieve stress. Frankincense is important for tissue health, and can help with dry skin, wounds, healing scars, strengthening hair roots, and healings cuts and blemishes. It has also been found to be helpful for certain conditions such as arthritis, colds, respiratory diseases, oral health, digestive disorders, and uterine health.

Oil of Oregano

Though oregano is most widely known for its use in the kitchen, when transformed into an oil it can also has excellent health benefits. Oregano is an ancient symbol of happiness and has been traditionally used for medicinal purposes. There are many varieties of oregano oil depending on the plant they were made from, so beware that you buy only wild oregano from mediterranean regions as others might not have therapeutic value.

Oregano has a wide range of uses and is a powerful antimicrobial, meaning it can help to fight off infections. It can be used to treat infections, funguses, sinus infections, sore throats, and colds. Beyond its health benefits, it’s also a safe and natural cleaner and can be used in combination with water and vinegar to clean surfaces in your home. Buy it on Amazon here and get it tomorrow.

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil comes from the dried leaves of eucalyptus, and has a woody, sweet smell. There are more than 700 different kinds of eucalyptus worldwide, and at least 500 of those are known to produce essential oil. Eucalyptus has been traditionally used as medication for pain, fever, colds, and sinus congestion, and as an antiseptic.

Eucalyptus helps to soothe mucous membranes, making it especially helpful for allergies and asthma when inhaled. It can also be taken orally for pain and inflammation of the respiratory tract like coughs, asthma, sinus pain and infections. Boiling water and breathing it in as steam is a well known treatment for congestion, and adding a few drops of eucalyptus to that water can help tremendously. Buy it here and get it delivered tomorrow. 

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is made from the leaves of the tea tree plant, a tree that is native to Australia. Tea tree leaves were traditionally used to brew tea, hence their names, and for their antiseptic properties to clean wounds and prevent infection.

Today tea tree oil has become popular as an ingredient in soaps, lotions, and personal care products, as well as being useful in many self made home cleaning solutions. It is known for being very flexible and helping with various conditions from acne to infections. Like eucalyptus, tea tree oil is also helpful for de-congestion when dropped in steaming water, and is used widely in aromatherapy. Get it tomorrow by ordering here.

Grapefruit Oil

Grapefruit oil is extracted from the skin of grapefruits and is commonly used in aromatherapy. Like eating the fruit itself, grapefruit oil is known for its detoxifying properties and for clearing toxins and fluids from the body.

Grapefruit oil is also known to help burn fat, reduce the appearance of cellulite, and suppress appetite. It is also widely used as an ingredient in skin and hair care products. Because of its attractive smell, grapefruit oil is also used alongside other citrus fruits as an air freshener. Grapefruit oil is also used for a wide variety of other purposes such as vision problems, joint pain, headaches, depression, and poor hearing.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is extracted from the leaves of peppermint plants, and can be taken in oil or capsule form. It has been traditionally used for headaches, stomach problems, and muscle pain. Peppermint oil is widely used in aromatherapy, where the scent has been shown to raise awareness and improve memory.

Peppermint oil is commonly used for other medical problems such as stomach problems and respiratory tract infections. When inhaled or used as a rub peppermint oil can help clear phlegm and reduce inflmamation. When used to massage the skin peppermint oil can also be used to relieve muscle pain, and when inhaled in small amounts it has been known to reduce headache pain.

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is derived from lavender, a shrub that is easy to grow and full of scented flowers. It has a sweet, floral odour and while the flowers are traditionally purple, the oil can be yellow or colourless. Lavender was traditionally used with water to wash and purify skin, as well as a perfume.

Lavender oil is most commonly known for its scent, but is also used for its anti-inflammatory properties. It can be used to relieve pain, treat skin conditions, keep hair healthy, improve circulation, and help with respiratory disorders. Lavender oil is also one of the most popular oils of aromatherapy and is known to be calming and relaxing.

Lemon Oil

Lemon oil, like lemons, has a wide variety of practical uses. Extracted from the peel of lemons, lemon oil can be used for cleaning, skin care, and as a disinfectant. Like the fruit, is has a strong odour that many people are familiar with.

Lemon oil can strengthen nails, relieve sore throat, help to disinfect and sanitize your hands and surfaces, improve mood and calm you down, and much more. Most commonly it is used in cleaning products and as a scent to be diffused in the home.

It also in a great way to start the day with a drop or two in your morning glass of fresh water.

Rose Oil

Rose oil is derived from roses and is red or olive green in colour, with a floral scent. It is traditionally used in aromatherapy and perfumes. It is widely used for its smell and its ability to help users relax and destress.

Rose oil can be applied directly to the skin to help with stress and anxiety. Rubbing rose oil on the skin has also been shown to help reduce menstrual cramps and menopausal symptoms, so is helpful as a massage oil for women. Most commonly it is known for its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, and can help with a number of skin issues like itching and scarring.

Do you use essential oils in your everyday life? Let us know what some of your favourites are and if you’ve found oils to be effective!

Love Kelly and Erinn

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