Matcha Lattes – Our Latest Addiction

What is Matcha?

First of all, it is our latest addiction. We make it with a combination of non GMO soy milk and organic coconut milk. Rich, creamy and green and earthy tasting.

Matcha came to Japan over a thousand years ago as an aid to meditation practice. During long hours of sitting, monks would drink matcha to remain alert for long periods of time, yet surrender to calm as well. Incredibly, it has this unique affect on people.

Matcha contains 137 times the antioxidants of Green tea. We love this brand.

Antioxidants? What are they and what do they do? They are naturally occurring chemical compounds that prevent aging and chronic disease. Matcha tea has a very potent type of antioxidant known as catechins and they are primarily responsible to help your body fight infection and provide protection from cellular mutating diseases, like cancer.
Essentially, these antioxidants are able to reverse and counteract the DNA and cell damage caused by free radicals that can run rampant in your body caused by pollution, stress, UV rays, chemical exposure and more.

Matcha also aids in fat burning and thermogenesis. To boost you fat-burning machine (your body) during your workout, have a cup of matcha tea 30 minutes before working out. Drink matcha tea during mid morning and mid afternoon breaks to keep you mentally focussed and matcha will stimulate hormones to help keep you feeling full.

Why not replace your morning cup of coffee with this uber health-promoting tea to kickstart your metabolism in the right direction? Try a Matcha Latte at Kelly’s Bake Shoppe - like we do every day and we promise you will LOVE it!


matcha latte at Kelly's Bake Shoppe






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Sharon says:

Such a beautiful description & has me wondering why I stopped drinking matcha lattes I made at home….then I remembered that as my tastebuds have changed-yay! I sadly tuned into the fact that the matcha I was using was sweetened.
I’m going to order the one you’ve referenced as the bake shop is sadly a bit long distance for a trial 😉 Look forward to trying it!
Do you add any sweetener? I wonder if I’m ready for ‘straight’ hmmmm
Thanks for your thoughts! 🌸

Kelly says:

I do it straight up but also, you coil add a hit of coconut nectar or raw honey (sustainably harvested). It is a weight loss tonic! 🙂

Sharon says:

Thank you! I will definitely give this a try 🙂 The timing is so perfect in so many ways!…I gave up my 1 coffee/day this past summer (more as a mindfulness way of looking at food as nourishment than any other purpose/need….felt my coffee routine had become part of starting the day off with more ‘habit’ than ‘thought’.) Kept this up until Thanksgiving, and enjoyed variety of teas since then, but…I missed the smell, the taste, the brewing of coffee. Recognizing this, I reintroduced it as a ‘Saturday thing’, a time in our home when we make & enjoy the time to sit, talk, and be together over breakfast with coffee. All this is a longwinded way to say!! that ‘matcha’, recognizing your message from today, can be my ‘added mindfulness’ thing to my day and what becomes part of an ever evolving healthful routine 🙂
A great way to grow into Spring–yay!!
Have a most wonderful afternoon! Blessings.

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