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Open Today 9am-8pm


Assistant Front of House Manager



The Assistant Front of House Manager is to exemplify professionalism
in the workplace. This will include leading the FOH team and being the shining example
of the best customer service representative ever!

This role will include working the floor, supervising staff, and along with a variety of
sales, administrative tasks, and customer service driven responsibilities within the
business. This role also requires you to organize your time and your team in an efficient
and effective manner. To boost productivity and sales daily. You’ll be expected to set
the tone for the day. Your level of professionalism, confidence and organization directly
reflects in your team and their energy.

The position of full-time assistant manager at Kelly’s Bake Shoppe gives you access to
our sought-after profit-sharing program. With access to this program, you are required
to actively seek ways to innovate and improve operational profitability and productivity.
We want you to be thinking outside the box, finding ways to save money, have a better
experience, and a tidier shoppe overall.


– Full time hours, 37.5 – 44 hours/week, including mornings, evenings, and
– Food Handlers’ certificate, required
– First Aid Training, an asset
– Health and Safety Training, an asset
– You’ll be required to organize your time effectively and by scheduling
management prep time.
– Complete weekly KPI reports (Labour, COGS, theft, spoilage/ waste, comps, and
donations) using reports pulled from our POS system(s).
– Hands-on management of the front of house staff, working on the floor, and
focused administrative time limited to 30 – 45 minutes/day.

REPORTS TO: Bake Shoppe Manager




– Setting targets for key sales indicators; average bill, total sales, customers
– Responsible for training of FOH staff to be great salespeople, not just order

– Lead continuing educations sessions for staff on; the importance of suggestive
selling, upselling, the overall order taking process, average check, etc.
– Implement in-store promotions to create the most “buzz” around product
– Delegate staff to re-stock the front display(s) everyday to create “abundance” in
the bakery. This includes front counter, retail freezer, merchandise, clothing &

Customer Service & Experience

– Ensuring exceptional customer service from start to finish for each transaction
and managing the staff to make it flawless.

Quality Control

– Our standard for quality is that every cupcake, cookie, and brownie we serve
looks, smells and tastes 100% every time. We have an elevated brand and
customers expect a certain level of quality, which is the manager’s responsibility
to uphold.
– Overseeing quality control of barista drinks, ice cream, baked goods, proper
rotation of freezer goods, daily.

Staff & Communication

– Maintaining a set labour cost for the front of house and adjusting the schedule as
– Complete staff training checklist(s), as well as semi-annual individual staff
reviews (standardized).

Hiring & Training

– Training new staff and guiding them on our customer service, sales, and
cleanliness standards in the shoppe.

Cleanliness & Tidiness

– Maintaining overall cleanliness and tidiness of the front of house and customer
– Confirming all Health Department procedures are met including; sanitizers,
thermometers, and all health department measures are made readily available
and all staff are trained on their proper usage.

Merchandising Lead

– Ensuring all merchandising in the front of house is stocked plentifully, daily.
Apparel, cards, candles, birthday candles, gift cards, Blume, cookbooks etc.


– File invoices, work orders, and mail in proper folders and filing systems.
– Completing the front of house schedules based on historical data, keeping labour
in order.
– 30-45 minutes of focused admin time is allotted for this position during your shift
(best split between the start and end of your day).

Inventory & Ordering

– Completing front of house inventory counts monthly

Weekly Accountabilities & Reports

– Completing your weekly report(s) to share with management at our weekly
– Detail targets for the previous week and the upcoming week.

Remuneration & Benefits

– Starting pay of $20- 22/ hour
– In addition:
o Group health and dental benefits
o Kelly’s profit-sharing (quarterly bonuses based on KPI targets)
o Weekly cash tips
o Discounts on baked goods. Daily complimentary baked treat
– Positive work environment
– Free company events and social events

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