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Online Gift cards from Kelly’s Bake Shoppe makes the perfect gift. Whether it’s for your teacher, your grandma, your best friend or maybe even your hairdresser, our online gift cards makes the perfect gift that everyone loves. You cannot go wrong with a gift from Kelly’s.

Just follow the steps below and we will email the gift card whenever you want, to whoever you want! You choose the amount and the date for it to arrive in their inbox. You also can print it off and give in person (think stocking stuffer). It is that extra kind touch of love for a birthday card, an anniversary, Christmas, “cheer up”, “get well soon” or simply, “I love you”.

You can also include you! Treat yourself to a gift card too!

Please note: that our online gift cards cannot be used for online purchases at this time (hopefully soon!). To redeem your gift card for baked goods in shoppe, simply visit us in person or send us an email to cupcakes@kellysxo.com and we are more than happy to take your order manually.

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