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Get points for every dollar that you spend, they all count!
Accumulate points and redeem them for baked goods, DRINKS or ice cream,
excludes merch, retail goods, freezer goods and gift cards.


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Online and in Shoppe

You can earn point when purchasing in shoppe or when ordering online! Never miss out!


Earn Rewards, Get Free Treats

As you earn more and more rewards, you can redeem them for baked goods & single serving ice cream


The Points Tuesdays!

Every Tuesday, customers will automatically receive 6 points/ $1 spent instead of the everyday 3 points/ $1 spent. This will automatically get tracked on the loyalty program.

This is an in shoppe promotion only and doesn't apply for online orders.


Cupcake Virtual Card

Buy 12 cupcakes, get the 13th free! Cupcakes will accumulate on the customer’s loyalty account just like they have been on the stamp card.


Cookie Virtual Card

Buy 12 cookies, get the 13th free! Cookies will accumulate on the customer’s loyalty account just like they have been on the physical stamp card.

Frequently Asked Questions

For spend based loyalty, customers are able to redeem up to $20 at a time per transaction.

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Online orders that are placed through will be manually enteredinto the customer’s loyalty account by management as orders come through. Customers will collect points for their online orders based on dollars spent ($1=3points). Item based loyalty is not available for online orders (i.e. cupcake card, cookiecard). Customers who place orders online must create their own loyalty account in orderfor our team to add points to it. We will not be creating accounts for online orders. To redeem points, customers must come into the shoppe and order in person.Customers will not be able to redeem points online. Exceptions may be made, as management deems necessary.