Winter Remedies and Help For Dry Skin

Canadian winters are hard on our skin. We don't really realize how much of a drying effect it can have on our hair and scalp and skin and nasal passages. I thought I would share some healthy natural protocols that we use every day and once you start, you will be like us and stop using conventional moisturizing products that hurt your health with chemicals.

Every winter season it is like right on cue and for me and I get dry skin, dry scalp, even nosebleeds and cracked finger tips too...yikes! Right beside my finger nails. Ouch! Do they ever hurt! Erinn also suffers from dry skin, with her hands getting especially rough, and a dry scalp too.

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) – use as a moisture rinse for your hair. 1 tablespoon in a litre of water in the shower for a final rinse. I keep a plastic bottle of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar in my shower all the time and a plastic pitcher too (I don't ever keep glass bottles in the shower). By keeping a bottle of ACV in the shower, it is always readily available for me to use – no excuses.

Jasmine Oil – Known as the most expensive oil on the planet due the unique way it is extracted from jasmine blossoms (find out how it's processed when you watch my video). I mix two drops in about a teaspoon or so of fractionated (special oil that stays in liquid format) coconut oil or jojoba oil (as a carrier oil) and rub into dry spots. If you’re prone to eczema, make sure you apply the diluted jasmine oil mixture to the skin in those areas to protect that skin from flaring up and heal scarring too (do not use on open wounds as it will sting).

Jasmine oil is also good for the adrenals and adrenal fatigue and in the video; you will see where I apply a full strength dot of jasmine oil on the back of my right hand. There is a meridian point just below the baby finger knuckle where you should apply it and then maybe take the time to lie down or maybe even meditate for a few minutes to recharge.

Lavender Oil – this oil is anti-bacterial and anti-viral. It helps with a myriad of things from infected lungs (breathe in lavender infused oil to treat lungs) to a calming nights’ sleep. Place a couple of drops on your pillow to sleep well when you’re sick and even if you’re not. I also dab some under my nose to keep my nasal and throat passages as germ-free as possible.

It can also act as a hand sanitizer and be sure to bring lavender oil with you on those horribly germ infected airplanes to keep your air space as clear as possible around your crowded seat. People think I’m a freak on planes with my treasure chest Ziploc bag of full of essential oils like lavender, clove, lemon, Thieves blend (we will be making our own next week and will share the recipe) and oil of oregano (we keep a supply of oil of oregano, at the bake shoppe in case the staff start feeling sick, to boost their immune system).

Lavender oil is also a pain reliever that works well with joint pain; rheumatism, sprains and muscle spasms and you can simply rub the lavender oil directly into it and feel the muscle pain dissipate.

(Here is our Facebook LIVE video from the other day. At last check, there were 9000 views. I'm sharing with you immune system building tips and natural health ideas from helping eczema, building your upper respiratory system, to helping dry skin and protecting it, and to using 'no shampoo' (shampoo dries your scalp and hurts hair and yes... I have stopped using shampoo completely - stay tuned for another post on my new hair regimen).

Gosh we love sharing this stuff and how we live! We are going to be showcasing more of our lives and what we do to preserve our health and trust us, its way more than eating well. Living in a healing way means we nurture our bodies from not only the inside, but the outside too.

Love Kelly (and Erinn)










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Lindsay R says:

Great ideas girls. I suffer through the winter dry season, especially in the extreme cold. My fingers and lips crack and its very painful. I tried some of your remedies with great success, thank you for your inspiration and great ideas:)

Kelly says:

You are so welcome!

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