Farewell 2020…

“Let yourself be drawn by the stronger pull of that which you truly love”. ~ Rumi

As we begin another sun cycle, on this first day of 2021, we hope you all be stealing yourself away for more bliss and shower your life and heart with eternal love and compassion.

It is safe to say that this has been a difficult year for all of us. Some more than others. To be perfectly honest, it has been so difficult for some that we’ve caught ourselves bawling in deep, empathic, suffering worldly pain. We know that sometimes we feel connected, other times we don’t and we think, “What is left for us? What is all this for? What the heck planet are we on? Is this even real?” Every day another layer of intensity gets put on humanity and some get hit harder than others. We know.

It has been a year of pain, uncertainty, frustration, anger, and fear. A tall order for the bravest of souls.

At every moment in our life we get to decide what we are holding onto and what doesn’t serve us any longer so we can let it go. It isn’t always easy but some of the bravest people that have walked our earth can attest to the power in shifting our perceptions.

The truth of the matter is we are all experiencing this ‘pandemic’ together, all at once, all at the same time. This level of fear and futility is infused into our worldly collective consciousness. No one can run from it.

It’s in these moments we need to bring softness to our hearts and souls. Meditation, journalling, painting artwork, reading, walks in nature…You pick.

It’s time to leave our old lives behind. Move into our true loving selves being in the NOW. This present moment allows us to become aware and create the mindFULL space to shine the light on the dark shadows that dwell within us.

With the New Year here it is offering us a new beginning. A glimmer of faith and hope that there is a beautiful life for us around the corner in 2021. We can feel it. It’s like there is a whole new energetic level of living. A new frequency that is depositing higher energetic fields within our hearts.

Each present moment is an opportunity to become aware of our emotions and grow, evolve, and even shift into another dimension of living, thinking and being. LOVE yourself. Say out loud, “I am ready to become a divine creator of my reality.”

Farewell 2020. As 2021 begins, what will you bring forward and what will you leave behind? What will you learn? Where will you go? In what ways will you get to know yourself more deeply and how will you shine more brightly?

Love one another dear ones. Smile at strangers. Offer hugs to loved ones. Say a kind word to a soul that needs to hear it. Let your actions be amplified and resonate into the Universe.

Here’s to your resilience and your brightness lighting up the world in 2021.

With Love,

Kelly and Erinn


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