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What's It Like To Work At Kelly's Bake Shoppe

Erinn and I are so honoured to present our latest video from Kelly’s Bake Shoppe. This makes us so very proud and why we love to do what we do. Our staff get these questions all the time: “What is it like behind the scenes? We really want to know! Really!” “What are Kelly and […]

What the World Needs Right Now

Kelly’s Bake Shoppe is more than just cupcakes. Their is magic in this business. There is magic in Downtown Burlington. It may look like they are in the cupcake business but it really is so much bigger than that. Listen to Kelly’s story. She shares a glimpse of what their bake shoppe is really all about. […]

A Farewell to Lettuce Love Cafe (and Kindfood)

Let us Love Back in May 2010, when Kindfood opened its doors, I had no idea what my heart was getting into. For all of my life I have wanted to help others and to show them a better way of eating – without ‘processed foods’ or ingesting harmful toxins from animal-based foods and create […]

Made With Love Cookbook – Book Launch Party

    This event was simply epic for us. Besides being a celebration of our book being launched, it was also a celebration that our cookbook had, a few days prior,  made TWO national best seller lists: The Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail. What an honour for Erinn and I! Thank you to […]